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Thirty-five years of following in the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld colour little sister Kathleen’s portrayal of the man and his message. Rather than relying too heavily on his spiritual writings, she draws on fresh material taken from his correspondence and diaries to set out his legacy for those who live in the deserts of the modern world, reminding us that at the heart of the Christian adventure is friendship with Jesus of Nazareth.


About the Author


Born in France in 1957, Kathleen was raised in Canada, joining the Little Sisters of Jesus in 1981. From 2004-2015 she was a member of the community’s formation team based in Tre Fontane, Rome, travelling extensively to give sessions to members of her community as well as lay people and priests attracted by Charles de Foucauld. She now resides in Walsingham, England.


"In this beautiful and intimate account of Charles de Foucauld's life and spiritual message, one of his followers, Little Sister Kathleen, brings his story to life and shows how keenly his message speaks to our age."


Robert Ellsberg, editor, Charles de Foucauld: Writings


"Little Sister Kathleen’s biography of Charles de Foucauld is very special. He calls us—whatever one’s walk of life—to a spirituality of abandonment into God’s hands, encounter with others and the fostering of community, especially with the poor. I highly recommend this book."


Msgr. Richard M. Liddy, Seton Hall University


"Even those who are familiar with the life of Charles de Foucauld will find many new insights in Little Sister Kathleen’s book. It’s more than a biography: it’s a guide for all of us to living the life of Nazareth; the life of “everyday ho-liness” as Pope Francis calls it."


Rev. Terrence J. Moran, Office of Peace, Justice and Ecological Integrity, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth.



The Universal Brother: Charles de Foucauld speaks to us today

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