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The Companions of Jesus of Nazareth is currently a virtually connected group of men and women throughout the world in different states of life. Some are Catholic religious, priests, and lay persons; and others are members of various protestant traditions, both ordained and lay. All are united in one love of Jesus, that is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the witness of the life of Bl. Charles de Foucauld. Each is seeking to live their "own Nazareth," which is the particular place that God has planted us. Thus, each member of the Companions is formed in the spirituality of Charles de Foucauld and is nourished by the community to follow Jesus wherever he may lead.


To build a globally diverse community that guides women and men to become more like Jesus in the particular places in which God has planted them. We seek to do so by the communion of Saints especially the spirituality of Blessed Charles DeFoucauld. 


We currently offer a virtual formation program that involves a monthly reading. At the end of the month, each person can choose to share a written reflection on the reading.


Our community consists of married and single, men and women, living throughout the world, and working in varied capacities. Our community is a "living" entity, thus it remains open to the Spirit to organically develop. 

Please Take A Moment To Read The Following

Following in the footsteps of Bl Charles DeFoucauld is an easy journey to embark upon. However, knowing what may be expected of you is important. To that end, we ask that you please click on the Document link below and read about The Companions of Jesus of Nazareth. You'll learn who we are, who is called to be a Companion, and much more. Once you have read the document, you will be better prepared to decide whether the journey to become a Companion is one to which you feel called.  

The Forming of the Companions

Learn more about the inspiration behind the formation of the Companions of Jesus of Nazareth in the Footsteps of Bl. Charles de Foucauld.

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